Water-Borne Radon Reduction – Lansing, Michigan

Waterborne Radon Reduction in Lansing, Michigan

Waterborne Radon Lansing MichiganWhile contamination from radon that seeps into a building through cracks in the foundation or walls is one of the leading ways that this radioactive gas enters a building, water-borne contamination is also a real possibility. If you are living in Lansing, Michigan, then your home is at a greater risk of radon contamination than homes located in other areas of the country. This is because uranium is present beneath some of the ground located in Lansing, Michigan. Why is this important, and how does it place you at greater risk of finding out radon is present in your home? When uranium breaks down, it forms the colorless gas, radon. As this radioactive gas builds up, it searches for cracks or fissures that it can follow to escape the pressure this gas creates as it increases.

However, it is also possible for radon to contaminate the ground water and get into a home that way. It is important to have your home tested by a radon mitigation specialist if you live in Lansing, Michigan to see if it is contaminated by this gas. If the tests show that the levels of radon are high, then it will be necessary to bring in radon mitigation specialists to clean it up.

Waterborne Radon Contamination in Lansing, Michigan

Since radon is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, it is dangerous no matter how it gets into a home. However, since people use water constantly throughout their day, water-borne radon contamination is extremely serious. Every single time residents in a contaminated home use the water supply, they are exposed to this harmful radioactive gas known for causing lung cancer. Since people use water constantly throughout the day to complete the most innocuous tasks, they are exposed to this harmful gas continually. The greater the length of time an individual is exposed to this radioactive gas, the greater risk the individual has of developing lung cancer. The higher the levels are, the more important it is to hire a radon mitigation specialist.

Getting your Lansing, Michigan home tested by a reputable radon mitigation company is the first step that you should take. If radon is not present, then you do not need waterborne radon mitigation. However, if the levels of radon present in your home exceed the limits set by the Environmental Protection Agency as safe, you should arrange to have radon mitigation strategies implemented by professionals to remove this cancer-causing contaminant from your home.

Obtaining a qualified radon mitigation specialist to conduct the proper removal of the radon and to implement strategies to prevent it from contaminating your water again is important. How do you know if the waterborne radon mitigation company is qualified for the task? To find out just how prepared a waterborne radon mitigation company is to conduct waterborne radon decontamination, ask to see their certifications.