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Monday, April 15, 2013 @ 06:04 PM
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Lansing Radon Mitigation Needs

HUD Lansing Radon MitigationIf you live in Michigan, then you may be aware of the new national regulations set in place by HUD for all multi-family homes that are financed through HUD. This new regulation was discussed in the article that we published last month, but for a refresher, this regulation is making Lansing radon mitigation mandatory on many homes. The regulation requires that every unit of all multi-family homes financed through HUD must be tested for radon gas. Any unit that tests high for radon gas must have a Lansing radon mitigation system installed to reduce the levels.

The reason that radon gas has become such a threat to so many in America is the rate at which it is killing people. Radon gas is the second leading cause for lung cancer and is responsible for about one out of ever seven lung cancer deaths. This gas kills more people than drunk driving and many other things. It is time that we take action and improve the health of everyone. We commend HUD for taking such a strong stance in the direction of Lansing radon mitigation

Lansing Radon Mitigation Process

Now that you know that you may need to test your multi-family for radon gas, it is important to know the process that you are about to undergo. There are two types of possible tests you can have for your Lansing home. The first type of test is a short term test, and the second is a long term test. The long term test boasts slightly more accurate results while the short term test will display results in as little as a few days. Regardless of the test you choose, it is important to have a test as this gas is odorless and colorless.

Once you have your test results, you will have a much clearer idea of whether or not a mitigation system is needed. If your test results show high levels of radon gas, you will need to have a mitigation system installed, but otherwise you are safe. If you are in need of Lansing radon mitigation, it is important that you speak with a professional who is able to properly install the system. Make sure the professional is also certified in all of the mitigation techniques to properly reduce the gas levels by as much as 99%.

S.W.A.T. Environmental has decades of experience in radon removal and will surely be able to provide the Lansing radon mitigation that you need. We are certified and are the nation’s most trusted radon mitigation company, meaning we will be able to provide the service you need. Contact us today for a free quote, and take action on your home or multi-family home. Stay up to date with the Lansing standards set in place by HUD, and ensure that all of your tenants are safe when staying in your home.