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Thursday, February 7, 2013 @ 04:02 PM
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Lansing Needs Radon Mitigation in Schools

Radon Mitigation in Schools in LansingRadon gas is known to kill thousands upon thousands each and every year through causing lung cancer. Many of us know about radon gas, but very few know the true extent of its dangers. Every year radon kills over 20,000 people, making it one of the most dangerous gases known to man. Radon kills more people than drunk driving each year, which makes you realize how much effort should be given to this dangerous gas.

Lansing, MI residents need to take action to have radon mitigation in schools. By the numbers, radon is found in one out of every five schools. This equates to roughly 70,000 schools being adversely affected by this dangerous gas. All of our Lansing, MI students, teachers, and faculty members are at a high risk without radon mitigation in schools.

Benefits of Radon Mitigation in Schools in Lansing

To get a better perspective of how radon gas enters Lansing school buildings, we must look at how radon gas forms. Radon comes from the soil in which uranium naturally breaks down forming the radon in a gaseous state. As radon is in a dense gas form, it may enter almost any space known to man, and essentially take over a home or school. Although the foundation is the most popular entry point, radon may also enter through the water supply, or even be in the materials used to build the Lansing, MI school. Radon mitigation in schools in Lansing ensures that radon levels are reduced by as much as 99% and are safe for everyone.

A qualified radon mitigation specialist should be able to reduce levels of radon gas with a small air purification system. It is easy to overlook a mitigation system if it is installed correctly by a radon specialist. Air purification systems work by venting the dangerous radon out of the school building, while replacing it with clean, fresh air from the outside. This ensures that all school buildings are breathing clean air, in comparison to air rich in radon gas.

Radon mitigation in schools helps protect our students, teachers, and faculty members of schools in Lansing, but more important than that we are investing in the future of America. All of our students will eventually go on to be leaders of this country through politics, business ownership, and other major contributions to society. We need to ensure that their Lansing schools are a safe place for education.

There is currently a bill being proposed by a congressman from Iowa. If successful, this bill will provide grant funding for radon testing. Schools with test results showing high levels of radon gas will go on to receive extra grant money for radon mitigation. This ensures all Lansing, MI schools that need radon mitigation have it. Show your support by contacting your local politician, or writing a congress member. Help us place radon mitigation in schools.