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Radon Abatement Lansing MichiganRadon abatement is the process of reducing the amount of radon a home or other building contains. Like any other gas, radon trapped in an enclosed area will gradually diffuse and fill it. However, the difference between radon and many other gases is the fact that breathing radon can be deadly. That is why SWAT Environmental specializes in radon abatement in the Lansing region.

Why is Radon Abatement Necessary?

Radon gas is an undetectable gas that humans cannot sense on their own. It is a noble gas that is commonly created by the decay of uranium and thorium, which are elements found naturally in the ground in many areas. It can seep up undetected out of the ground, sometimes becoming trapped in enclosed buildings where it can concentrate to dangerous levels. Radon abatement, therefore, is necessary to remove this radon and to prevent it from returning, a process that SWAT Environmental handles in and around Lansing.

It is not possible to completely get rid of radon. It is only when the gas accumulates in an enclosed space that it becomes dangerous. The goal of radon abatement, then, is not necessarily to complete eliminate the gas, but rather to reduce it to a small enough percentage that it is no longer harmful.

What Dangers Can Be Prevented by Radon Abatement?

The most serious and well-known side effect associated with breathing elevated levels of radon gas for extended periods of time is lung cancer since radon is a carcinogen, or cancer-causing substance. In fact, only smoking causes more cases of lung cancer each year. Since the primary entry means of radon gas into the body is through breathing, lung cancer is the most common type of cancer from radon gas. However, it is also possible for radon to cause a variety of other types of cancer, as well as other health problems entirely.

What Is Involved in the Radon Abatement Process?

SWAT Environmental specializes in detecting and reducing radon emissions in houses in Lansing. While you might think that stopping radon accumulation is the most important part of radon abatement, this is only partly true. Since humans cannot naturally detect radon, specialized equipment is needed to detect its presence. SWAT Environmental can perform professional tests of your house to determine its radon gas levels.

Of course, if your house is found to contain too much radon gas, its levels must be reduced. There are a few ways that SWAT’s specialists can go about this, but the best one is largely based on your house’s situation. SWAT has access to a variety of specially designed filtration and dispersement systems that can move radon gas out of your home and prevent additional gas from getting inside it. The radon abatement experts will also need to determine all the means by which the radon gas is getting inside from the ground and seal or otherwise deal with all of them. Afterwards, make sure you continue to have your home tested periodically to ensure that no additional dangers from radon gas arise.