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Thursday, December 22, 2011 @ 07:12 PM
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Be Aware of the Threat of Vapor Intrusion to Lansing, Michigan Business

Vapor Intrusion Lansing MichiganWhether you have just set up shop in the Lansing, Michigan area or have been doing business for decades, you need to be aware of an invisible threat to yourself, your workers and your livelihood. That problem is known as vapor intrusion, and it represents a serious threat to business owners in the Lansing, Michigan area. 

If you are already familiar with the threat posed by radon, you may have some idea what vapor intrusion is all about and why it is such a danger in the Lansing, Michigan area. Like radon, the problem of vapor intrusion originates in the soil surrounding your Lansing, Michigan, as well as in the groundwater. The contaminants that are implicated in vapor intrusion range from petroleum products and heavy metals to volatile organic compounds known to cause cancer and other diseases.

Over time, the contaminants involved in vapor intrusion seep from the soil and water and make their way into your Lansing, Michigan area business. No matter what type of business you have, you are at risk, and your workers are at risk as well. As the owner of a Lansing, Michigan area business, it is your responsibility to look out for the health and welfare of your workers, and that includes testing your firm for vapor intrusion and other potential contaminants.

Test for Vapor Intrusion as Soon as Possible

If you have not already had your Lansing, Michigan area business tested for vapor intrusion, it is important to do so without delay. The health effects of vapor intrusion accumulate over time, so every day you put it off could put your Lansing, Michigan area business and your workers in greater danger. The sooner you have your Lansing, Michigan area commercial buildings tested for vapor intrusion, the better off you, and your workers will be.

When it comes to vapor intrusion, it is important to look for a contractor with specific experience in the Lansing, Michigan area. Every part of the country has a different problem with vapor intrusion, and that means local experience and expertise is critical. Hiring a contractor who has worked with other Lansing, Michigan businesses to get rid of their radon problems is the best way to protect your own firm.

The first step will be to determine exactly where the contaminants are getting into your Lansing, Michigan area business. Once you know exactly where those dangerous vapors are coming from, you can work with the contractor to determine the best course of action. There are many different ways to mitigate a vapor intrusion issue in the Lansing, Michigan area, and the best strategy is to match the mitigation procedure to the source of the problem. But until you have had your Lansing, Michigan area business tested for vapor intrusion, you will not be able to move on to have the issue fixed once and for all.